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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


hi i'm amelia. 


i'm an artsy fartsy wannabe.

i love music and love it loud! my husband sam and i are night owls and spend many late nights in our shared office working away on our computers while jamming to music as he writes code and i edit photos or play with graphic design.  i think we're pretty fun together :) oh yes, sam makes a pretty mean breakfast sandwich at midnight. come on over!

i wanted to start this blog really for myself, so i could "tune in" each day, find something uplifting and bright and take a minute to reflect on what really matters. i believe we can all use daily boosts & reminders to help us be better. i thought i'd share these things with you. hopefully this can be a venue where you can arrive and be edified, uplifted, engaged, refreshed and of course, laugh too!

i think about the greatness of short simplicity.
we're so busy!  admittedly, we love to jump on-line and see what's happening out there, so i wanted to create a spot where anyone can visit and not have to spend a lot of time.
i don't usually have the duration to read long entries. i enjoy express stopovers and then back to my day.

i aspire to make this worthwhile as i share some brightsides, ideas, tips, pretty things, silly things, and even a little spiritual enlightenment to make your day, along with mine, a little more luminous!
i hope you enjoy.