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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


my crazy little family


I'm Amelia Smith and I'm one of those weird art nerds.

I love music and love it loud! My husband Sam and I are night owls and spend many late nights in our shared office working away on our computers while jamming to music as he writes code and I edit photos or play with graphic design. I think we're pretty fun together. Oh yes, Sam makes a pretty mean breakfast sandwich at midnight. Come on over!

Home is where my heart is.  It sounds cheesy, but it's true. I love being a wife, mother and homemaker. One of my greatest passions is to continually create a fun, fresh, comfortable home my family will always want to come home to.   

This lifestyle blog continues to evolve as I dabble in a myriad of artistic + home endeavors.  Currently I've been obsessed with watercolors and the Paleo diet.  Aaaand, I could shop every day if I let myself because I go wild over a great bargain  (especially home accessories) and love sharing those good deals with my friends here.  I get a high from it (true story).  So let me be your personal shopper ;) 

My husband and I are both born and raised in  Salt Lake City, Utah.  We actually grew up on the same street.  And yes, we are Mormon :)  We love it here and don't ever plan on moving. 

I studied Art & Business Marketing at Westminster College in SLC, and absolutely loved it.  Boy do I wish I would have had the passion, drive and wisdom like I do now though ;) 

I've been running an Etsy shop since 2011 selling simple, customizable digital art for the home.  
Thank you for visiting!  I aspire to make this worthwhile as I share some brightsides, bargains, ideas, tips, pretty things, silly things, and even a little spiritual enlightenment to make your day, along with mine, a little more luminous!

I hope you enjoy.