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Monday, June 22, 2009

[baby shower bliss]

.celebrating life.

.the lovely new mommy.

.family . friends . food.

.it can't get much better than this.

.thank you kate for welcoming us to your incredible home.

.the first time new grandma.

oh, there is nothing like having a baby!
to experience childbirth for the first time is a once in a lifetime event that is unlike any other!
.i am a little bit jealous i have to admit, if i could only hit rewind.
the pure miracle is absolutely remarkable!
.that sweet little spirit you helped create.
.the emotions.
.the bond.

we're so excited for you sis!
good luck and best wishes with you and your new little family!


  1. Cute Lindsey... I am so excited for her!! Yay for babies!! Such a fun time! I am a little jealous too! Nothing like that brand new baby and being a first time mommy. Oooh!! What a special time. I must admit, as well, that I am DYING to see Katie's house! From the little sneak peak you gave me, it looks A.MAZ.ING!!!!!! Wow!! Love ya Mill... Thanks for Monday. You are the best.

  2. what a lovely home and beautiful ladies! Thanks for sharing the great pics!

  3. OOh, great pics Amelia! THat was such a special night, thanks for taking pictures and for all of your help. I may have to use a few of these on my blog if that is okay! Love you!!! Kate