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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


today i am feeling a bit "split". for one reason or another i woke up on the wrong side of the bed & i just can't "snap out of it"! what's my prob? i am hosting a princess tea party for my 4 year old this afternoon & somewhere inside me i know i am so excited, but my brain won't let me go there! i'm afraid i don't have any "brights" to share with you this morning. i am hoping to transpose myself into my normal state of mind--and soon! i've got a party to throw, several little girls excited for entertainment!

my only saving grace today is petra. she offered to come pick sabrina up for the afternoon so i can get ready. i seem to talk a lot about her, but she is one of those friends that just knows me so well! i don't like to confess to myself i need help most of the time, but she knows how particular & eccentric i can be when it comes to entertaining. i can throw myself into a tizzy quite easily if i'm not as prepared as i'd like or when little kiddies are hanging from me. so thank you sweet friend!

i absolutely love the actual "party" itself, so i'm thrilled to do it, i just need to relax and enjoy the prepping!


oh, i've had several requests to add comments back on here, so i suppose i will!


  1. Hang in there girl. The party will be "smashing" and Sabrina will LOVE everything you have done. Don't sweat the small stuff....well, I take that back, sweat A LOT and then you won't have to work out. :) Ha, I am funny!!

  2. petra, thanks again! it turned out really great! i'm reviewing the pictures we took today, so i'll be posting them very soon! i have some really great ones i need to send to you!

  3. thank you for your posts. i feel like i am reading about myself and it makes me feel so much better that there are other "wanna be super moms" who throw crazy parties, can't stick to a meal plan grocery list and have multiple jars of pickles in their fridge! you have made my day!

  4. thank you for your comments! it's always great to hear i'm not alone :)
    love ya Holly!