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Monday, June 29, 2009


.the banner was hung while red & white balloons bounced inside the living room.

as we anxiously awaited...
.elder A.
he's home! he's home! hooray! hooray!

my ever so handsome brother returned home from serving his LDS mission in winnipeg!

the long awaited hugs!

.apparently it was a long day for more than just me.

scott gave his mission report yesterday at church and did an outstanding job!
he was glowing! the spirit felt in that chapel did not go unrecognized.
he delivered a beautiful message speaking of his amazing conversion experiences, the people of canada, faith, charity, and invited
all to come unto Christ.
"what do we have to loose?" he asked.
if we don't have faith, start with hope.
thank you brother for your stellar example!
.i love you.


  1. you've got a handsome brother (sorry, I noticed, can't help it!) Glad his mission was wonderful!

  2. I wished I had remembered my camera! SO glad you are so responsible with pictures! He was amazing Sunday. I love him so glad to have the whole gang together again! Great that picture of Blakie!

  3. Too cute! I wish I could've talked to you on Sunday, we had to leave right after - little molly needed a nap REALLY bad :) Scott is so handsome, and I love the photo you took of jenn hugging him, she's really excited he's back!

  4. It was a great talk. Glad your family has him home again.

  5. heather,
    we wished we could have talked to you on sunday too! i completely understand the "nap" thing! we didn't stay very long back at my parents for the very same reason :)
    we just love Jenn! she's so great!