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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i had a hard time being a mom today.
it was basically bleak.
my patience was puny, my daughters were disagreeable, and i didn't find much light in the day.
now i know the answer to my question...
people may simply run for solitude,
to decompress, clear the head, get away.
[you get the picture]
sam cheered me up when he arrived home with some silly scout stories he had just experienced at their activity tonight; something about lifeguards, kid jigs and disrespect...
i guess one bright side could be that i'm not asked to parent 10 twelve year old boys every day :)
may i have a better outlook tomorrow.


  1. I do parent lots of boys, and usually I love it but this past week or two has felt more like a war zone. Good days, good seasons come but so do bad days and bad seasons. School just started and yesterday brought complete quiet and soul nourishing time with just my two small boys, all is good again! I hope today is good for you as well~

  2. bless you kathryn! you're my hero! it takes a very special person to do what you do! i hope you soak in your soul nourishing time :) i was relieved to hear you don't homeschool :)
    take care dear friend!

  3. Thanks for such sweet words, I'm no hero though!!!
    No, I don't homeschool...I did for a long time, but 3 years ago I place them in school, this marks the beginning of our 4th year and I am so happy we made this change!

  4. Amelia- You are so beautiful!! We just got home from California today. I was skimming through my e mails and some blogs, and this one in particular caught my eye. I'm so glad you posted it. We all need a bit of encouragement knowing that even the best can go through frustrating days.

  5. alicia,
    you're too kind!!! you're my new favorite person :)
    no, i felt like that picture totally depicted how i felt, so blah!
    yeah, it's important to remember we all have some good, bad and ugly days here and there... it helps us appreciate the great ones, huh?
    did you have a great trip? i'll be checking your blog! i've noticed you haven't posted in a while, so i'm anxious to read all about it!

  6. Sorry, I'm a slacker with my blog. I have loads of stuff to post, but with the kids starting school, I haven't found time yet. Hopefully soon.