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Sunday, January 17, 2010

[particle graham]

blog,January 2009

upon dusting our powdery particle filled chandelier which hangs above our breakfast table, i spotted this fun little surprise, a snack for later! lying beneath the bulbs, several teddy graham bears were forced into fake baking! i don't even want to know how long the little honey men have been up there! embarrassing!
once again, i am reminded that i am smack dab in the middle of parenthood... little time for dusting, lots of time for play!
i am also refreshed at how wonderful the little minds of toddlers work!

do you remember this song?
oh yeah!


  1. this has been by far my most favorite post!!!! I love those girls! that sounds like something that my kids would do. After we moved out of Chuck and Pams they found little "stashes" of excitment. Give them a kiss from me. love you guys

  2. This is funny! I love things like this!! There isn't much more out there that can remind you that you are a mom than finding "surprises" around that house ;)

  3. ha ha thanks!
    if it's not teddy grahams, it's more than likely a peanut butter & jelly shoved underneath a bed :)