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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[love is in the air]

blog,February 2010

i don't know what you gave your valentine this year, but i gave mine red plum jam & white bread.

i made sam the most amazing toast (he remembers) on our honeymoon.
we went to the grocery store one romantic autumn night somewhere in boston when i first introduced him to this delicious fruit topping.
ever since, he's been smitten (everything's better in love, right?)

i haven't bought a jar for quite a while, so i decided to make him his favorite toast sunday morning! that loaf of white was devoured before the day's end. it's quite a novelty at our house. dang healthy wheat!

blog,February 2010

my surprise was a flower delivery!
one by one, many slowly disappeared...
my girls thought they were theirs too! i found little prepared vases placed carefully in their rooms. they're too cute!
my favorite part of this delivery was the small note attached- i just eat up his words!

i told him he was a the ultimate poster husband & father; he laughed and told me he wished that were true. i assured him it was. he's the best!

blog,February 2010

we started making valentine sugar cookies...

blog,February 2010

a valentine tradition around here...

blog,February 2010

but once our dough was tucked away in the refrigerator to chill, it never came back out.
we got busy and never finished them :(
i just threw away all of the dough last night.
way to go awesome mom!

blog,February 2010

this little valentine is celebrating her big day today!



  1. That picture of Lucy is so dang cute! You are very talented Amelia! When Sean and I get around to having kids, we want you to take pictures of them! :)

    Britney Leslie

  2. I love that you bought white bread. It makes my heart happy!! It is funny while chuck and pam were here they said we should take sam and mil some white bread from Tucson!