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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

[so lovely]

bee-bah (as my youngest refers to her) came out flashing these little beauties around!
desperate for earrings, she cleverly clipped these felt hair accessories onto her lobes.

pretty cute & creative i must say!

blog,February 2010

i decided long ago that i would save ear piercing for later.
as darling as little babies are with their ears pierced, i want my girls to remember it. i want them to be able to take care of them too.
there has never been a magic age...
i just want them to beg for the day like i did and then be back flipping excited when we take them!
i'm thinking it will probably be very soon!

blog,February 2010


  1. So cute! I think girls will put just about anything on their ears as long as it will clip and looks cute:) Great pics!

  2. Brooke has been begging for earrings too. I don't have a magic age either, but I said, maybe when you get baptized, that can be part of your birthday presant. She bought that. At least it will hold her off for a couple more years. I think I was 8.

  3. I had to wait til I was 12, and that's the magic age for my girls. I agree that they should be old enough to care for the ears, really want it, and remember it. I was ready to take Kels right when she turned 12, but she wasn't sure she wanted to until several weeks later. Now she loves her ear bling!