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Thursday, February 25, 2010


this morning as i pleaded with my oldest to get going and get ready for school,
i found myself getting so worked up!
she didn't want to get moving and neither did i, but we had to.
finally after coaxing and prodding, she began her morning routine.
as soon as it was time to pick out her outfit, more meltdowns followed.
once she made her way to school, i had to sit, decompress and figure out how i can help her
as well as myself.
i came across this guide and found it worthwhile to share:

blog,February 2010


  1. Thanks for the great post! I often find myself in the same situation as you. After the situation is over, I always wonder in my mind, what could I have done to make the problem go better. Good reminders above.

  2. Thanks Amelia! I really needed this today. Lately I'm the commander and dictator and it's not going well...obviously. No one like to be dictated! So, today I'm going to try and reason. You're great!

  3. being a mom is HARD! it's so easy to make strong commands... especially when they don't listen :)