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Friday, June 11, 2010

[on top of spaghetti]

blog,June 2010

i find summertime cooking to be very enjoyable and incredibly bothersome at the same time.
grilling and get-togethers appeal greatly, while mundane week night mayhems are just a nuisance. inspired by my husband and his gentle nudges to get me "back in the kitchen" i decided i'd like to come up with
a summer cuisine to please
*pleasing me with simplicity on hot busy evenings, and please my family with hearty flavor & nutritiousness.

what are your favorite summer dishes?
i would love any recipes or ideas you may have to share with me and my readers.
salads, marinades, bbq & squashes are just to name a few...
please e-mail me or leave me a comment with your recipes and i will add them to my menu and try them out, photograph and share with you all!

thank you & bon app├ętit!

blog,June 2010

(above: whole wheat spaghetti & meatballs packaged for leftovers and my kid's half-eaten salads)



  1. I really keep it simple in summer. I just don't like adding too much heat to an already hot day. We love eating Spinach salad with sugared almonds, apples, and shredded mozzarella cheese. I eat mine with and poppyseed dressing. Or we love "summer fajitas" grilled marinated chicken, diced tomatoes & cucumbers on a tortilla. Very refreshing.
    I want to know what everyone else says. I could use some fresh new ideas.

  2. I was at the grocery store and getting really excited about Summer time cooking. Can't wait. I do have some fun ideas! I'll share them when I have a minute

  3. OOh, fajitas sound SO good! I am working on pulling many different recipes and ideas from various sources and compile a few weeks worth of new summer meals! so thank you for your ideas and keep sharing!