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Friday, November 19, 2010

[personal progress]

okay girls, watch for my old school yw necklace on me each week at church...
if i'm not wearing it, go ahead and please harass me so i'll remember to put it on!

last night i had the great opportunity to attend the young women auxiliary leadership training meeting
at the conference center tuesday night with our young women's presidency.

i would just like to say that sister elaine dalton is just so delightful!
her enthusiasm and beaming spirit emanated as she spoke to us about 
being an example of faith and purity, and the importance of personal progress, activities and the gospel in our lives.  
her counsel rang true and strong to me, inspiring me to be a better leader.
what an uplifting and motivational meeting! 
i love the girls of our ward so much - they are just incredible and so, so good.  
i hope to be a good example and help them in any way possible!

  Sister Dalton invited us leaders to "ask the youth they lead to do hard things." As you do this, youth will "grow and rise. They will become confident." 
She relates the experience of one ward where the young women were strengthened as they set out to accomplish the "seemingly impossible." 
"These young women were not only told that they were great, but they were given the opportunity to BE great, to ACT great, and to DO great things."
                                                                                                                                  - taken from

i have a strong testimony that the young women's program is divinely inspired from God.  it is such a source of strength! 
i would like to thank all of my yw leaders for all they taught me; for all the fun activities they planned, and just how much they loved and cared about me!  
i knew and still know that i am a daughter of God.

i also want to thank my mom for all the help she gave me with my personal progress.  
mothers and fathers are the key and such a great influence to completing all the requirements!  
in this meeting they told a story about how one ward's bishop decided to work on personal progress and how he had the young women sign off his requirements.  
i just loved that!  how cool is that?
this necklace brings back so many fond memories for me.  
it reminds me of the strength i had, for the good service, studying, and even preparation for marriage and motherhood personal progress gave me.  
it's not just about having these beautiful golden charms, but what a treasure this necklace is to me!  
i pray all the young women in our ward will seek after all the wonderful blessings we are promised as they complete their personal progress.
love you!

this is good!  take a minute to watch :)


  1. What a great picture! Your necklace looks just like mine from back in the day. Recently our ward had YW in Excellence night, and the moms got to give a "treasure", something representing their heritage, to their daughters. (yes, I have a 13 year old--crazy, huh?) One of the treasures I gave Kelsey was my old YW necklace with all the different charms, hoping it shows her how important personal progress was to me and she'll know I will help and support her with her projects. She thought it was pretty cool.

  2. Recently a lady I admire and follow on her blog (one of the Eyre Daughters) was called to be their YW Pres. She is amazing and has such cute ideas and inspiration. She should check out her blog.... 71toes. connect thru mine. :>

  3. Boy was that ever an inspirational night!?! I should have guessed you were there! I for sure felt motivated to get out my own necklace and charms. As well as maybe redo the program. {I have thought about this for a year and a half now...should have responded to those thoughts earlier!} Thanks for the reminder of an awesome night, and to be a better leader!