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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[as white as snow]

new life
fresh new beginnings
 oh how i love the innocence and wonder of spring!

we were invited to our neighbor's farm sunday afternoon to see this new baby lamb that had been born earlier that morning!
the girls were so excited to hold her!  a little reluctant at first, they quickly felt of her calm demeanor and right away realized they would be safe to take her :)

it was such a gorgeous day.  the sun was bright and all the new smells of spring were there, swirled in with animal essence lol.
what a fun outing!  thanks edie and jacob!

and who doesn't love a little hammock, right?


  1. Amelia, this is the first time I see your blog and as I am looking through it I am falling in love with your children, and your home decor, and everything you blog about. I would also like to ask you something, there is a picture in this post of one of your daughters in a hammock... I grew up in Brasil and I looove hammocks, specially ones made like this one you have, but I cannot find one here in the USA. Could you be kind enought to tell me where I can find one like yours? Thanks so much!

  2. Gabi,
    Thank you so much for your super nice comment! It's always so nice to hear when people appreciate what you do :) That hammock is actually my neighbor's. I will be sure to ask them where they found it. We have a few from Panama like that one.... we LOVE hammocks too! I'll try and find out and get back to you!
    Have a wonderful 4th!

  3. My neighbor said he got the hammock from Costa Rica- but said he's pretty sure you can find them on eBay. Good luck and happy hammocking :)