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Thursday, March 17, 2011

[jack attack]

today while the older girls were at school, i thought i'd try and snap a few shots of jack.
he's been changing so much!
we had a few melt downs.
better luck next time i guess.

i sent sam to the store last night for some new similac - the sensitive kind.
nursing has been an adventure (that's a whole different story i'll someday tell)
this poor little guy has not been happy.
he's fussy and unsettled.
if he's not asleep, he wants to be held.
i am exhausted.

well, sam came back with the formula and some different kind of binks to try.
low and behold, i think we have a keeper.
they're the gerber cherry nipple kind.
i'm praying he will continue to like this type... if not, we may be in trouble.
i just want my baby to be happy!
i want to enjoy him.
i want him to enjoy me.
i want to lay side by side and listen to him coo and watch him smile.
it's close.
i can feel it.

when i pointed out to sam that this new bink he bought had pink on it, 
he said, "ah, he's secure enough in his manhood!  it's fine."
i laughed.


  1. OH my gosh! Those were the ONLY binkies that the twins would EVER TAKE!
    I LOVE them, and hate them too. LOL

    LOVE, because they work wonders, in the "happy baby, sucking on binkie" department... but hate them, because they are ROUND, and when you drop them, they can roll for days, and never stop. LOL.

    Beware of church... you may or may not find yourself walking up in front of the entire congregation, to the stairs by the pulpit, to retrieve that dang thing!

    He is SO cute! btw!

  2. He is so delish! I am thrilled to hear that there has been binky success!! You know how we are about our binkies over here so I am happy this little man is finally settling on one:)

    Hopefully he is getting to that calm phase very soon. Usually around the 2-3 month mark, yeah? You are such a sweet mama to him and these pics made my heart smile.

    So, lunch soon? We've got someone to celebrate! ;)

    Love you so much.

  3. He is the cutest! LOVE his hat, and the pictures of Annie so distressed. Hope all smooths out for you and your little one! He is just precious. Please send him over if you need a break! :>

  4. So adorable. I'm glad you are all finding your sweet spots. Thanks for the fun pictures. Melisa K.UT

  5. Congrats on the boy. We are expecting our third girl. I have given up on having a boy, but you pulled it off. He is a dream.

  6. Hi-
    I came across your blog from another blog, from another blog, etc.

    Great Blog! Beautiful children.

    Your Jack Attack entry brought back so many memories of when my 2 year old was a newborn. She cried and was so unhappy for what seemed like forever and you said the exact same things I did, I want her happy and I want to enjoy her.
    I want to tell you that as soon as she was diagnosed with Acid Reflux and went on baby zantac our world turned around. Just keep an eye on that. Perhaps that is why he is fussy.