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Monday, August 1, 2011

[hale yeah!]

i had the amazing pleasure to photograph my darling sister and brother-in-law's beautiful family the hales this weekend! 
 they have been so gracious to babysit our kids while we've gone on little weekend getaways recently... so this was the least i could do to get somewhat even :)
we had such a fun time, laughing almost the entire time!
i kept jumping up and down 'cause i was so excited looking at all the pics through my camera screen.. i knew they were going to turn out so cute!  how could they not be with these guys?
i've had such a hard time picking my favorites to post- here are a few that i've edited so far.
more to come on my photo blog soon!
is she one hot little mama or what?  dang!

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  1. Mil, I'm obsessed. You did such a good job! LOVE YOU!! Thank you again! and again! and again!

  2. YAY!!! i'm so glad! i've had so much fun editing these! i should have them ready very soon! you're so very WELCOME!