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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[don't blink]

last week i packed up the little things.  the tiny boy clothes he once wore.
back to the basement in bins they travel.  and unless i can convince sam for a fifth, they won't be used here again.  sniff sniff
  no, i think four is all we can manage!
pack up the old, pull out the new.
 where did september, august, july, june, may, april, march & february go?  don't blink!
and yes, this super tall dresser and bookshelf are both anchored securely to the wall :)  sammy style.  they aren't going anywhere!
we're loving all the little boy toys.  the girls think they're the greatest ever!
jack did not jump over the candlestick... rather, the crib rail.  yes.  shortly after i laid him down for his nap, i suddenly heard a giant THUD coming from the nursery.  
it took me about a half a second to realize what may have happened.  my heart sunk and i frantically dashed into his room.  thankfully he was crying and conscious.  i scooped up his chubby little body in my arms and quickly checked him out.  he looked good.  i gave him kisses and held him tight until he finally settled down.
he's completely fine. 

i really felt horrible... but i couldn't help myself from laughing!  did he really just do that?  did he really climb up and over?
so crazy!  we've never had an escapee this young before.  usually they're approaching 18 months before pulling such a prank.  little stinker!
we made sure to lower his mattress completely before laying him back down.
is this a boy thing or is he part primate?

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  1. My son has been hurt more in his 1st 8 months than my daughter was in her 1st 2 years. today he's sporting his first black eye from a fall. If we make it to his 1st birthday without stitches or a broken bone, it will be a miracle. He gives me a heart attack at least once a day! lol

  2. Boys are naturally more gray hair inducing. I was lucky enough to have had a boy first so the girl seemed very easy in comparison. Expect him to climb everything.
    Good luck!!

  3. My son was a climber too. Even with the mattress at the lowest level, he still managed to get out. We finally found a crib tent--mesh with flexible rods the fit like a dome and attach to the crib. He could never climb out after that!

  4. I had to laugh: how did you know I was eyeing that tall dresser and hoping it was anchored? Too funny.