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Monday, October 3, 2011

[it's kind of a funny story]

i don't even know where to begin.  it's kind of a funny story; but to be honest, i don't have the energy to write all the details. 
 it went pretty much like this:
this weekend was our 13th wedding anniversary.  it didn't go so great.  sam was late.  i was mad.
i felt like he didn't give a crap about me.  i cried.  he back peddled a bit, i still cried.  he was trying.  i was exhausted, hungry and just ticked off that he had been out waterskiing all afternoon.   yes, waterskiing with friends, or should i say "his precious work team" while i was home being a mom. 
he felt bad.  he should.  
i was confused at why i was so upset.  it wasn't even that time of the month.
i didn't ask for much, just a quiet night alone together at a restaurant.  
on his way home, he knew he was in big trouble.   he set up reservations at a really nice restaurant and tried to take me to the mall to pick out something nice for myself.
i appreciated the gesture, but i looked like a puffy-eyed scary hag.  i didn't feel like going someplace nice at all.  i barely agreed to leave the house.
we ended up at friday's and then saw a movie.

i wonder if our babysitter sensed the tension, lol.

i laugh i'm still trying to laugh about it now... after thirteen years of marriage and four kids later, i realize big fancy gifts or trips are not happening, but he was late.  
it happens to the best of us right?
this is real life people.
it's okay.  i still love him.  we'll be fine.

picture taken at strawberry reservoir while on our general conference field trip by my dad.


  1. Boo. How about I be mad on your behalf and then you can feel better about it b/c all the stress of being mad will be on me instead of you?

    I'm sure he'll figure out a way to make it up to you. Maybe thirteen really sweet things, one for each year? (Mr. Hubs, if you read this, I'm totally game for throwing suggestions your way if you're completely stumped.)

    [That scene is breathtaking, Amelia.]

  2. I'm sorry that my husband was a part of that.....I love the whole "it's a work thing". I wish we could do that...when do we get a "work" out of town trip, or a "work" dinner or a "work" activity?