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Friday, March 2, 2012

birth photography: lizzie

we texted back and forth all day.  nothing.  nothing.  nothing yet.  all of the sudden i see, you better get here faaaassttt!  i sped without speeding and made it just in the nick of time!  whew!!! (i'm getting sweaty just thinking about it:) i literally snuck in the door behind the doctor, whipped out my camera and out came baby lizzy accompanied with the cutest little cry i think i've ever heard!  okay, i think my babies' cries win in my heart, but that's okay, it was still so precious!  

jodi is one of my bffs. she's a kindred. this is jodi's third baby.  doesn't she look amazing?  dang!  if i could have looked half as great as her after delivering a baby, i'd do back flips once my epidural wore off.  yeah right.

mmmm, there's nothing like capturing those first few moments of life.  what a miracle.

i had a hard time picking my favorite shots to share.  i have this problem often.  so here are a bunch to look at.  enjoy.
they're so cute!  i can't stand it!  love you guys!  congratulations!

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  1. Mesmerizing, exquisite, breath taking pictures. Truly thank you for sharing.
    Mazel tov!!

  2. SO great! What a neat thing to be a part of. You captured it perfectly.

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